Oriental System Technology, Inc. has its head-office and factory located at Hsin-chu Science Industrial Park. OST was founded in 1990 to develop and manufacture high quality key modules for the camera industry in Taiwan, and to promote competitiveness for Taiwan's camera industry. Since 2007, OST set a new goal aiming to explore thoroughly to the core technologies relating to key components of non-contact thermometry and the related products, utilizing MEMS IR sensors including the thermopile IR sensor utilizing MEMS process.

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OTP-N538U, Thermopile Sensor

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Thermopile Sensor

Product Name :

Thermopile Sensor

Features :

OST is specialized in manufacturing Thermopile Sensor, NDIR CO2 Sensors, and Optoelectronics for many years.
We constantly improve our techniques and upgrade technology to provide the best product to our customers.
The OTP-N538U is a thermopile sensor in classic TO-46 housing. The sensor is composed of 116
elements of thermocouple in series on a floating micro-membrane having an active diameter of 545
μm. The thermopile sensor provides nearly Johnson-noise-limited performance, which can be
calculated by its ohmic series resistance. A thermistor element, with a lead connected to ground, is
also provided inside the TO package for ambient temperature reference.

*TO-46 metal housing
*Thermistor temperature reference included
* Low temperature coefficient of sensitivity
*Ideally suited for ear thermometers, miniature pyrometer.

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